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Privacy Policy

The mission of Oriental Consultants Holdings Co.,Ltd. is to contribute the creation of affluent life and dream for people all over the world by comprehensive management skills. Therefore, the company treats personal information that shall specify individuals. The Company recognizes the importance of personal information and ensures the protection and safeguarding of its customers’ personal information as a fundamental principle of its business and its responsibility to society. Accordingly, the Company has established the Personal Information Protection Policy described below and ensures that all its employees thoroughly understand and fully comply with the Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
Personal information shall be collected only after informing the customers of the purpose. The scope of use of the personal information collected is limited, and, the information shall be handled appropriately within this scope. Personal information collected by the Company shall not be provided to third parties without prior express consent of the customers, except as required by law or regulation.

Implementation of Security Measures
The Company implements safeguard measures and diligently works toward preventing unauthorized access to personal information, and the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc. of such information. The Company strictly supervises the group companies, employees, subcontractors and business partners appropriately as required.

Observance of Laws, Regulations and Other Norms Relating to Personal Information
With respect to the observance of laws, regulations, and other norms relating to personal information, the Company complies with the laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information and the privacy of communication.

December 20, 2013
Oriental Consultants Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Hidenori Nozaki